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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
3:12 pm - So if I don't have a wife...


Prime Minister Stephen Harper says his government's tax break for home renovations will be a hit with wives nagging their husbands to fix up the place.

Harper said the tax credit introduced in the Jan. 27 budget to encourage household improvements "is a very generous, temporary" tax incentive.

"I won't describe exactly how it works," he said in an aside during a speech in Brampton.

"Let me just describe it this way.In my experience, it works like this: If you own a home and you have a wife, you will probably be doing home renovations this year."

Toronto Liberal MP Maria Minna said Harper's remark stereotypes women and families.

The Prime Minister probably thought he was being funny, she said.

"But what it shows me, quite frankly, is an attitude this government has had toward women from the start," she added, referring to Conservative changes to programs promoting women's rights and equality.

"I guess he's saying if you've got a wife who's going to whine, I've got some money to help you, some money that's going to make her happy," Minna said.

It also shows Harper's view of households as only the traditional family unit, Minna said. "What about single parents, same-sex couples, people who live alone?"

Read more about the home renovation tax credit.


That's a real good one Steve, because we know that women don't ever own homes. We know that co-habitating gay men, and single men don't ever renovate. We know a lot of things you obviously don't Stevie, so why don't you just go away, far far away, and take your oh-so-funny jokes back to Calgary and bury your head in a load of cow dung.

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Thursday, March 5th, 2009
7:32 pm - Don't they all belong in Kindy-garden?


Just one of those days in the Commons

tonda maccharles
Ottawa Bureau

OTTAWA - The first sign of the parliamentary craziness to follow might have been that all the clocks in the House of Commons were unaccountably running an hour ahead today.

But the real signal of the tone that would be set for the day came early in Question Period in the Commons.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff pressed Prime Minister Stephen Harper to accelerate the spending of the billions of dollars already approved in last year's budget for infrastructure spending. But before they approve billions more, the Liberals want greater accountability for such projects, Ignatieff said.

Harper accused his rival of stalling on the budget and engaging in the "the biggest exercise of suck and blow I have ever seen in Canadian history."

"He really has to make up his mind whether he is going to help us pass it (the budget) quicker or try to block it," the prime minister said.

French reporters later quizzed English reporters on what "suck and blow" means.

Not long after that, when former Liberal leader Stephane Dion rose to his feet to pose a question - his first since stepping down as leader - the Conservatives began heckling. The question about a court ruling slamming the government's policy on seeking clemency for Canadians facing the death penalty abroad was almost inaudible.

"Didn't you used to be somebody?" Conservative Joe Preston hollered across the aisle.

On the Liberal side, MPs also needled their opponents.

As Conservative junior foreign affairs minister Peter Kent, a former broadcaster, finished an answer: Liberal MP Dominic Leblanc called out: "And now for the weather."

Well, Dominic, although I think this jeering and bickering makes you all look like a bunch of uncivilized oafs, that one did bring a smile to my face

"Are you an embedded journalist, Peter?" yelled Liberal MP Todd Russell.

Conservatives slammed an unnamed Liberal MP for circulating among a protest crowd outside Parliament where several flags of the Tamil Tigers - a listed terrorist group - were flying.

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Sunday, February 15th, 2009

So Obama is coming to Ottawa! As we all know, the visit will be kept very short , and the Prez will not address Parliament. *pouts*

Does anybody know whose decision this was? Does the Big O not want to make a fuss and keep the meeting business-like? (Note how I extend the benefit of the doubt.)

Or is Stevie jealous that Prez O is prettier and more popular than he is? Is he throwing a hissy fit over the “Buy American” clause in the Stimulus Package? He could be (sensibly) trying to keep the security cost of the visit minimal, but I doubt it.

I've just discovered this forum. I love it.

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Friday, January 23rd, 2009
9:50 pm - Budget want a cracker?

The majority of the people of Alberta remind me of a crop of Leafs fans. They're cheering for their team (The Cons) no matter how much they suck, and they can do no wrong, no matter how bad they're playing. That's fine, all except the intelligent Leafs fans won't actually BET on them. But anyhow, they're cheering for their team even though it sucks, and even when given a chance to win, they just can't pull their game together.

What the hell the rest of Canada is doing befuddles me.

Then I think, no, Harper is more like Tonya Harding. If I can't beat them by being better than they are at the show I'm putting on, I'll just take out their kneecaps, and then they won't be able to skate!

But it always goes back to the playground. It always does. The commercials I'm hearing that are telling me to write my MP and encourage him to support the upcoming budget so we can "put the economy before politics" makes me think of an old cry used in the playground. "I know you are but what am I?!?"

"What," says Harper, they're calling me partisan? Well I'll teach them, I'll call *them* partisan! (Even though the proposed coalition is the least partisan thing any of them could possibly do)

So, though I expect my fellow Canadians NOT to bet on the Leafs do something so ludicrous, I am going to tell you why you should not. It's not difficult.

You will not write your MP and encourage them to support the budget on the 27th of January because (get ready for this) you don't know what is IN the budget yet!!

You got that right? You can't support a budget when you don't know what's in it, can you, just to keep the government from crumbling, correct? THAT is SURE putting the economy before politics.

He insults us. He insults us continually. Please make it stop.

What I do suggest is writing your MP and telling them to vote for the budget if it's a good one, and to vote against it if it is not, provided that they don't have Harper's hand up their ass making their mouth and arms move.

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Thursday, December 4th, 2008
1:20 pm - LEADER? this isn't leadership!

Is it just me or is Harper the biggest chicken in politics?

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Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
4:53 pm - Anti-Harper Video.


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Tuesday, October 14th, 2008
11:28 am - COOL!

Turns out I'm in Ken Dryden's riding. I actually got to vote FOR someone today rather than just trying to puzzle out how best to vote in order to contribute in my tiny way to denying Conservative Reform Alliance Party (CRAP) a seat in my riding.

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Sunday, October 12th, 2008
10:44 pm - Conservatives Never Lie


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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
3:05 pm - abc - anyone but the conservatives!
If you have been looking for a website to help you harness your strategic voting impulses, here it is:

The page contrasts 2 election outcomes:

If we split our votes/If we vote smart:

Cons... 130 / 75
Libs... 83 / 123
NDP.... 41 / 52
Green... 0 / 1
Bloc... 52 / 55
IND... 2 / 2

You can view your riding to see the results from the last election as well as all current industry polling results & a recommendation as to how you could cast your vote to prevent vote splitting or a conservative victory. This is particularly important in the swing ridings the webpage highlights.

The site has received over half a million pageviews already & counting. Please take a moment to view the site & spread the word.


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8:00 am - Voting ABC is as easy as 1-2-3

Here are some basic ABC guidelines that will work wonders if we're all on the same page:

1. If you live in a riding that went Liberal, NDP or Bloc in the last election, vote for that party.
2. If you live in a riding that elected a Conservative, vote for the party that came second.
3. Vote for Elizabeth May if you live in her riding.

Now get your family and 10 friends to do the same. Let's vote out the Regressive Conservatives!

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Sunday, October 5th, 2008
1:44 pm

This website gives me some hope:

Canadian artists actually came together and made a song, which is really good, in my opinion.

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
10:01 pm

Did anyone watch the French debate? The four other leaders tore Harper a new one, it was great! Plus, the translator for Harper had an effeminate voice which made it all the more hilarious :p

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Wednesday, September 17th, 2008
10:52 am

From a brilliant piece of journalism on It's by Marci Macdonald, one of Canada's leading investigative journalists:
"At 7:30 on a drizzly June morning, the Confederation Room — the largest and most ornate hall on Parliament Hill — was already crammed to capacity with more than 400 MPs, civil servants, and their guests, all of whom have turned up for the National Prayer Breakfast. An overflow crowd of 150 was being shepherded into an adjoining salon with closed-circuit video screens. Those numbers might not mean much in Washington — where the annual mega-event of the same name draws more than 3,000, including the president, making it the highlight of the social calendar for the Christian right — but the turn-out in 2006 was the largest in the 40-year history of the Ottawa breakfast.

Jack Murta, the former Mulroney cabinet minister who runs the event, attributes the enthusiasm to a new breed of more committed Conservative evangelicals in the House. So many flocked to his weekly parliamentary prayer breakfasts early in 2006 that he had to encourage some to drop out. "It was getting unwieldy," he says.

Not that there is a shortage of prayer meetings on Parliament Hill. The Conservative caucus has its own Thursday-morning Bible study class, and for the last three decades civil servants have gathered for prayer groups in almost every department, including three in Defence."
Part of Harper's success has been convincing religious conservatives that he's a religious conservative, and fiscal conservatives that he's only playing to a base. The reality is that the evangelicals are right: Harper is a committed fundamentalist Christian with very strong ties to the religious right, and his fellow evangelicals believe he's just waiting for a majority to transform the social safety net of this country.

I believe that, too. We have to bust the myth that Harper's shills are perpetuating outside his core constituency that Harper's a misunderstood fiscal conservative. According to this well-researched article, there are about 70 evangelical Christians among his 127 members in the House of Commons. An ex-leader of Focus on the Family is a major member of the Prime Minister's Office.

These people believe dinosaurs walked the earth at the same time as people did, so don't expect them to understand the science behind climate change. They're also praying for the end of the world, so don't expect them to care.

They're the kind of people who scream about how they're being treated like second-class citizens, when lesbians and gays (like myself) weren't allowed to marry in our country until just a few years ago.

x-posted in longer form to my own journal.

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008
11:12 pm - Ask the Governor General to Deny Harper's Request to Dissolve Parliament

As we all know, Harper is going to ask the Governor General to dissolve parliament probably Friday or Saturday. Initially his excuse was that parliament had become too dysfunctional. He's met a lot of opposition about this from various sources questioning his ability and authority to do so given the fixed election law he put through.

On Monday his stated reasoning changed and he's said he will seek dissolution because he's lost the confidence of the House.

Clearly this isn't the case.

If you feel Harper's gone too far this time please join the Facebook group and write to the Governor General and the Opposition leaders and share your opinion.

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Monday, June 16th, 2008
6:40 pm - Bill C51?

Hey, anyone heard of this? I'm having a very hard time getting information on Bill C51... what does everyone think? Here are some links.

Sorry if this is off-topic. It does have to do with the conservative party and Harper sucking, I mean, he's allowing and helping fast track this crap. :P

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Monday, March 31st, 2008
4:37 pm - may only be symbolic but it speaks volumes

I didn't hear this on any newscasts the next day though...

Harper snubs Earth Hour

Mar 30, 2008 04:30 AM
Allan Woods

Thanks to its place of prominence in the capital, 24 Sussex Dr., the Prime Minister's residence, is always easy to spot. As Ottawa went dark last night for Earth Hour, it was even easier.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's lights stayed on.

The ever-illuminated Peace Tower on Parliament Hill went black at the stroke of 8 p.m., as did the lighted "Canada" signs that adorn federal buildings in the capital.

Stornoway, official residence of Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion, was almost impossible to find among the mansions in Ottawa's upscale Rockliffe neighbourhood. Dion, a former environment minister, even delivered a speech by candlelight in Toronto to a gala dinner recognizing Greek independence.

Rideau Hall, home to Governor General Michaëlle Jean, was dark and federal Environment Minister John Baird was at a gala ball for the Ottawa Humane Society while at his Nepean home, it was "lights off, of course," said spokesperson Eric Richer.

But two ground-floor rooms in Harper's house stayed on and inquiries to a PMO spokesperson were not returned. The third-floor offices on Parliament Hill that house the Prime Minister's Office were also among the few lights that stayed on, prompting a jeer from a handful of Green Party activists who had gathered in the cold to mark the occasion.

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Friday, February 22nd, 2008
3:37 pm - Harper Icons!

Going thru my computer recently, I found these icons I made of Stephen Harper for use in an RPG a while ago where I think I used his face to portray somebody's annoying father. xDDD

Neways, I thought I'd share them and if you wanted to edit or caption them to be hilarious, that would be awesome! :D

We should have a contest or something XD

harpericonz belowCollapse )

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Sunday, January 20th, 2008
1:00 am - I'm amused


The last scene makes me giggle XDD

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Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
8:51 am - Media taking it easy on Harper?

Kid glove treatment for Harper

Regardless of your stance on global warming, it does seem like the media IS holding back on Harper, mostly b/c he's shutting out the media and they're worried about being shut out more if they're critical of him. :(

I also rly hate how he's speaking like he represents what we want, when he has a minority government. Say what you will about our election giving "false majorities" where the ruling party can have less than 50% of the popular vote but more than 50% of the seats, but Harper doesn't even have THAT.

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Friday, November 9th, 2007
9:35 pm - Godfather?

LOL, I don't even think a caption is necessary for this one.

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